2014 17/03

Large inscription “With all our heart with you” with the national flags of Belarus and Ukraine (see photo) has hung on a concrete fence along the railroad tracks near the train stop “Minsk- East” not for a long time – within a week it was purposefully painted with senseless characters.

Meanwhile, unsanctioned peaceful assemblies and any actions of solidarity of Belarusians with Ukarinans in today’s Belarus is rigidly prosecuted under national law “On Mass Events in the Republic of Belarus”, which bans any spontaneous voicing of opinions, and the smallest picket or rally must be ordered 15 days before and be authorized. In addition, throughout Belarus a number of local regulations is introduced and operated, which are contrary to the law and the Constitution. These acts introduce quite impracticable procedures for conclusion of compulsory payment agreements with the militia, medical care and community services.

In this case, the Venice Commission has recognized the acting national law in Belarus being contrary to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) and the recognized international standards of law.

However, despite this facts, the practice of causing obstacles to the realization of Belarusian citizens their inalienable constitutional rights to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly does not stop for a minute. And today, all participants and organizers of any anti-war actions and rallies of solidarity with Ukraine are immediately arrested and condemned to 15 days in prison.

Belarusian authorities do not allow to organize and do not organize themselves even in the most modest format actions for peace and the withdrawal of Russian troops from the territory of Ukraine. At the same time, in a situation when the Russian invaders in Ukraine forcedly raise Russian flags over the state objects in the streets, in Belarus (e.g. in Homel and Vitsebsk) the unknown pro-Russian forces act openly and freely. Recently, in these towns you could have seen people, who in front of the traffic militia handed out Russian flag color ribbons on the roadway.

Meanwhile, in the so-called treaty of alliance with Moscow, the official Minsk, in words not supporting the goals of intervention, in terms actually unleashed Russian aggression against brotherly neighboring country – doing enough unequivocal steps to strengthen the military contingent of Russian aircraft in Belarus, mobilizes and brings to the borders of Ukraine its own military air forces, preparing for some joint operational action with the aggressor (!?).

In such conditions, when in Belarus all indifferent Belarusians are not given right to express opinion and actually are forced to close mouths (while the country’s leadership conducts military exercises and maneuvers) any symbol of solidarity with the brotherly people and support of the sovereignty of neighboring Ukraine is the manifestation of courageous and principled position of resistance to collaboration and post-Soviet imperial revenge in Belarus.

Are citizens deprived of real opportunities to choose, to publicly express opinions, freely receive and impart information, to unite and meet… capable to resist any approved or authorized action aggressively harmful for the society and statehood of Belarus? Is this a state of so-called limited citizenship with unconstitutional criminal purpose to convert people of an independent country into a disenfranchised and intimidated population and to deprive their territory?

The more civil society in the country is developed, the greater is potential and protective forces of society and the sovereignty of the state to guarantee its citizens constitutional rights and freedoms.

The better civil society in the country is developed, the greater is the potential, natural defenses and sovereignty of the state, which actually guarantees its citizens ‘ constitutional rights and freedoms. When the state deprives citizens of their inalienable rights and freedoms, ignoring Basic Law, it undermines the constitutional legality and law, social stability and ultimately their own statehood.

Ales Volny
Belarusian Legal Portal

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