2014 15/03

Decision of the Human Rights Committee appeared in Russian on the case of UCP activists from Homel Aliaksander Protsko and Andrey Tolchyn. According to the decision, Belarusian government is to pay the costs and moral damage to victims of lawlessness, to restore law and bring the national legislation, in particular, the law on mass events, in accordance with international obligations.

In 2008 the activists distributed in Brahin and Naroulia invitations to the meeting with opposition leaders who were going to visit “Charnobyl” areas on the eve of the anniversary of the Charnobyl accident. They were detained by militia, arrested and fined by the court. Opposition activists disagreed with this decision of the court and appealed to higher courts, which did not give any results. Then the activists appealed to the UN Human Rights Committee through Homel Center for Strategic litigation and won. Decision of UNCHR (English).


According to gomelspring.org
Prepared by Ales LETA
Belarusian Legal Portal

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