2014 14/03

Homel center for strategic lawsuit has produced and sent some certain judges editions and individual brochures with the decisions of the UN Committee on Human Rights, as well as with previous decisions of the national courts on human rights violations that have occurred in Homel region.

The action was dedicated to the Day of Belarusian Constitution. Interference into the activities of public associations (3 decisions), violation of the right to distribute information (9 decisions), to carry out peaceful assemblies (1 solution), to fair elections (2 solutions), to freedom from discrimination (2 solutions) – so many times people from Homel region won in the Committee on human Rights by using the strategic litigation. More than 40 complaints from the region have been registered there, communication with the government is carried out upon them.

The head of the center Leanid Sudalenka notes that the government does nothing to fulfill the Committee’s decisions, it considers them just recommendations. The human rights activist says he even had to address the Supreme Court, demanding to perform one of the Committee’s decisions, but the judicial system considered decision of the Committee on Human Rights was not obligatory.

“You can debate endlessly about the level of respect for human rights in our country, but hardly anyone would deny that our country has recognized the competence of the Committee, therefore it was obliged to observe its solutions. All other arguments on this subject are no good at all and they destroy the very essence of the rights guaranteed to Belarusian citizens” – the lawyer expresses his position.

“Judges who have acted contrary to international law, with the help of our initiative would learn about the assessment of their legal competence, set by the authoritative international body”, – said the representative of the other center, program coordinator Vasil Poliakou.

Educational programs coordinator Mikalai Novikau believes that our judicial system would not escape the practice of the Human Rights Committee.

“Belarus has entered into an alliance with the countries where judicial systems had already a relatively long history of working with international practices in the field of human rights and of course had to be taken into account, including the practice of its closest allies in the region. The earlier Belarusian judges will work with international law, the sooner we will get rid of the stigma which the international community hase put on us”- draws a line the specialist.

Let’s remind that UN system of human rights protection for the citizens of Belarus is the only way to protect the rights at the international level. Belarus is the only country in Europe whose citizens do not have the opportunity to complain to the European Court of Human Rights. At this time, the UN Committee on Human Rights have registered 156 individual complaints from Belarus, where citizens claim about violations of their civil and political rights. In 56 cases violations were found, but none of these solutions were satisfied because the government ignored them, so respectively, the topic of human rights violations in our country continues to be important at the international level.

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Prepared by Ales LETA
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