2014 12/03

At this time the activists did not even applied for the picket to the Executive Committee. The result was known even at the preliminary stage: neither the militia nor medical cervices, nor the utility “Spetsautabaza” agreed to enter into contracts with the applicants. And without such contracts the authorities do not give permission to hold a picket.

The need for a preliminary contracts is described in the decision #74 of Orsha Executive Committee “On some questions of organization of mass events in Orsha”. Due to the absence of such contracts, Orsha activists were banned holding all actions for which their applications were filed. This time, it was decided to act exactly according to the Executive Committee’s decision, said one of the applicants, Ihar Kazmerchaka:

“We sent letters to conclude a treaty to all the services mentioned in the decision of the authorities. The result was as follows: enterprise “Spetsautabaza” said that they would not conclude contracts, because of the melting snow and workers would have intensively cleaned the town, and would be busy including March 25. From the clinic there came a refusal with a message that they did not even have such a service – to serve at pickets.

The situation which the BNF Party members Ihar Kazmerchaka and the second applicant Ales Shutau faced was very revealing. The decision № 74 of the Executive Council “On some questions of organization of mass events in Orsha” was composed in such a way that the conditions prescribed were unachievable.

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