2014 25/02

Big rally, which was attended by various estimates by 1.5-2 thousand Warsaw inhabitants and city guests, took place on Sunday 23.02.2014 in Castle Square in Warsaw.

On a beautiful sunny day at a rally of solidarity with citizens of Ukraine famous and respected people spoke out: president of the International Solidarity Fund Krzysztof Stanowsky, Ukrainian journalist Vital Portnikau, Belarusian opposition politician Viachaslau Siuchyk (representative of the Belarusian Center in Kiev), Ukrainian, Polish and Venezuelan activists.

Slogans “Today Kiev – Minsk tomorrow”, “Together to the end” could be heard. Ukrainian, Belarusian, Polish, Lithuanian, as well as the EU flag could be seen.

Among Warsaw inhabitants who were present, Belarusians and Ukrainians could be seen and young students and representatives of the Belarusian Center in Warsaw.

In the hands of the demonstrators there were posters calling for the release of political prisoners in Ukraine: the Paulichenkas father and son.

After the rally many participants went with banners and flags to the Ukrainian Embassy in Warsaw.

According to Ales LETA
Licviny-INFA (www.licviny.info)
Photo: Jan Lapitsky

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