2014 24/02

On February 22, activists were detained at the Ukrainian border, they got a stamp into their passports which prohibited entry the territory of Ukraine for 5 years and were taken on the Belarusian side. Later there appeared militia officers, who detained the guys for they were allegedly to curse.

During all this time the activists have been in the Elsky militia department. They were drawn up an administrative offense, backed by five militia officers’ reports and question-protocols by other two detainees at the militia station.
Mikalay Dzemidzenka and Zmitser Kremianetsky deny their guilt.

Today at 14:00 the trial began, the case considered by Ivan Piatrovich.
15:30 – questioning of witnesses began.
17:50 – court decision – arrest for 10 days for both Dzemidzenka and Kremianetsky.


Let’s remind that during a previous visit to Maydan (January 10-20) the guys have signed a letter of non-participation in protest actions on the territory of Ukraine.

According to licviny.info
Prepared by Ales LETA
Belarusian Legal Portal

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