2014 17/02

The Executive Committee’s reasons for the ban is lack of contracts with communal services, medical institutions and militia. “Meanwhile, neither medics nor the utility did respond to our request to sign contracts,” – says one of the applicants of the campaign Zmitser Lupach.

He said that the appeal was sent to the Executive Committee on the same day as the letter to the responsible services:

“The Executive Committee was in a hurry to respond in 10 days. Following the letter of the prohibition of the action, there came the reply from militia department. From this letter it followed that the militia deliberately was waiting until our fail. After all, the general meaning of the letter was as follows: your action was banned, hence, we believe the contract with our services to be inappropriate. Communal and medical services keep silent until now, they do not tell us any “yes” or “no”. If the answers arrive on time, up to March 15and they are positive, we would manage to appeal to the Executive Committee once again about the picket to the Constitution Day”.

Applicants of the action in Hlybokaye, activists Jaraslau Bernikovich and Zmitser Lupach believe that the picketing to Constitution Day should be the proof of respect of the state to main public document where basic rights of citizens are registered.

Today, however, there are obvious problems with the realization of the right to public expression, opinion and the right to peaceful assembly in Hlybokaye. Neither picket on Constitution Day, nor previous action – a picket of solidarity with political prisoners, which did not take place in Hlybokaye on November 23 of the last year, were approved.

Hlybokaye Executive Committee based its refusal on the same basis – refered to the lack of contracts with communal services which must be signed in accordance with the decision of the Executive Committee № 167 “On the determination of locations for holding rallies and picketings”. But it is impossible do it in advance, – because the responsible services purposely wait until the local authorities ban actions.

By spring96.org
Prepared by Ales SUMMER
Belarusian Legal Portal

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