2014 16/02

Assembly of Pro-Democratic NCOs and Legal Transformation Center prepared annual report “Freedom of association and the legal status of non-commercial organizations in Belarus” in 2013.

The document noted that despite the adoption in 2013 of a number of legislative acts that affect interests of non-commercial organizations, the legal environment for them as a whole has not changed significantly. The main problems and obstacles for non-profit organizations have remained both in legal regulations and in law enforcement practices, together with this their intensity has not changed.

The important event in the field of legal regulation of NCOs as is said in the review, is the adoption in 2013 amendments to the Law “On Public Associations”, which acquire legal force on 20 February 2014. Some of the newly introduced rules can be evaluated positively: reduced requirements regarding territorial representation for founders of new associations, a slightly shortened list of documents for registration of organizations, a simplified procedure for liquidation of public associations. However, the adoption of amendments to the law does not solve the basic legal issues of civil society – an opportunity for the registration authorities of making arbitrary denial of registration, the limitations of the domestic and foreign financing, criminal liability for the activities of unregistered organizations.

The authors of the review emphasize that amendments to the legislation occurred without discussion with interested parties: the communication process of civil society organizations on the reform of legislation affecting their activity still occurs in an unilaterally format, suggestions of interested parties are considered formally and are not recognized in full manner.

For many civil society organizations in 2013 the increase of office rents by 60% became a strong blow. At the same time list of organizations that use preferential rates on payment of rent was reduced more than twice.

The addition to the Review is the analysis of the practice of registering non-profit organizations (associations, foundations, institutions) in 2013, based on the data of the Unified State Register of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.

The number of new NCOs in 2013 is significantly lower than in 2011 and 2012, when during the year the registration was obtained by over a hundred associations and more than 20 funds. However, in 2013, there remained the previous trend is registering sports associations – they constitute more than half of all new associations.

Annual issue of the review of freedom of association and the legal status of non-profit organizations in Belarus has been carried out by the Assembly of Democratic NCOs and the Center for Legal Transformation annually since 2007.


Annual Review of “Freedom of associations” in 2013. (PDF, 12:32 Mb)

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