2014 22/01

According to estimates of Ukrainian organizations, during the January 19-20 fighting in the European square in Kyiv, up to the 30 journalists were injured. In all more than 50 journalists during November – December 2013 suffered, mainly from the attack of Ukrainian police and the plain-clothed people.

We state that the situation in Ukraine is approaching the highest peak when the future of the country might be sold. Now, as never before, the Ukrainian society and the international community need information about what’s going on. Nobody will do it for journalists.

We call on the authorities of Ukraine to stop the insulting practice of using brutal force against our colleagues.

We also back the demand to review newly adopted legislation in Ukraine which significantly restricts not only civil rights, but freedom of word.

We call on journalists all over the world to support the injured and arrested colleagues in Ukraine who are at the center of events now.

No threats, bans or persecution may interfere with journalists’ professional duties.

According to the press-service of BAJ

prepared by Ales LETA
Belarusian Legal Portal

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