2013 14/11

On November 13, Judge Siarhei Novikau (Homel Navabelitski Court) delivered a judgement on an administrative liability to the deputy chairman of the United Civil Party Vasil Polyakou. The politician was found guilty of violating Article 23.23 of the Administrative Code (violation of order of a mass event) and was fined the amount of 4.55 million rubles, which is 35 base units.

Let’s remind that on November 3, near Homel, oppositionists commemorated victims of Stalinist repressions – cleaned place of mass executions of innocent victims of Bolshevik terror, laid wreaths and lit candles. Militia was observing their actions as usual. But it’s the first time in Homel people are dragged to administrative responsibility for cleaning crosses.

Milita, namely the chief of department of public order Henadz Khilkevich presented the video of the action to the court. He also witnessed at the court. Other participants of the peaceful action have not been brought to justice yet.

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Prepared by Ales LETA
Belarusian Legal Portal

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