2013 29/12

Homel Center for Strategic Lawsuit prepared a compilation of decisions of the UN Human Rights Council, adopted on the appeals of Homel region inhabitants. The most frequently violated right mentioned here is the right to freedom of expression (10 decisions), right of association (3), right to be elected at free elections (3), freedom from discrimination (2) and the right to peaceful assembly (1).

Head of the Center Leanid Sudalenka, who assists in the protection of civil and political rights at the international level, notes in the region a systematic violations of human rights in the field of peaceful assembly and as a consequence – freedom of expression. In Geneva, only from Homel region about three dozen complaints are pending for consideration.

“Can one consider a situation normal when, let’s say, to lay wreaths on the graves of the victims of Stalinist repressions, the acting authorities oblige citizens to get a permission, demanding payment for services of militia, ambulance service and the cleaning utilities? To achieve what purpose do Homel officials, for example, prosecute my colleague Vasil Paliakou, who dared to lay a wreath at the tomb of memory without their permission?” – asks Sudalenka.

“Currently, the Human Rights Committee of the United Nations has registered more than 150 individual appeals from Belarus, where citizens insist on violations of their rights and freedoms. Upon 55 of them decisions have already been made, but the government is in no hurry, and vice versa, it evades the obligation to publish them on the official level, as required by international obligations of our country,”- comments on the human rights activist.

He believes that “human rights problems will not disappear if they just are dissembled. Publication and dissemination of a specific information on the state of human rights are hastening the day when special services, for example, will no longer secretly spy on citizens, capturing them on video, and judges will be ashamed to view this video, when prosecuting a wreath-layer to a fine equal to the average monthly wage in the country”.

Quoting gomelspring.org
Prepared by Ales LETA
Belarusian Legal Portal

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