2013 27/12

On December 26 from 9:30 a.m. till 10:30 p.m. in Baranavichy in the old city park near Kamsamolskaya Street, activist Mikalai Charnavus organized a picket against corruption among local officials. The organizer of the picket held a broadsheet “Chairman Dzichkouski, Yazubets – are unsinkable.

Chairman of the Executive Committee Sumar deceived the President. Corrupt official in the parliament. Shame on you!”

On December 16, Lukashenka said, that some officials from the Executive Committee of Baranovichi were going on holidays under the African sun at budget’ expense. This money was allocated by the former Chairman of the Executive Committee of Baranavichi, and now the deputy of the House of Representatives – M.Yazubets, – commented Mikola Charnavus.

The social activist added that the money is still not returned and those responsible have not been punished. So Mikola Charnavus wants to draw attention not only to the corruption of the local officials but to the fact that Brest Regional Executive Committee is covering and protecting the corrupt officials of Baranavichy.

Quoting spring.96
Prepared by Ales LETA
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