2013 06/12

The Constitution says about guaranties from the authorities but the authorities say about the fee-paying arrangements (!?) as a prerequisite for the use of such guarantees! Isn’t it an absurd?

Biaroza human rights defenders got a response from the Executive Committee on their request to explain how it is possible to conclude a contract with health care, housing and militia cervices when organizing a mass event, if these institutions refuse to.

For example, they have replied in the hospital that there even was no price list for these services. Now, according to the deputy chairman of the Executive Committee Yauhen Tarasiuk whose signature is under the response from the Executive Committee, the price list has been developed for the hospital. However, the cost of services is not reported.

Housing cervices will enter into a contract, no matter who owns the territory. The need for such clarification arose from the previous answer to human rights defenders, when the utility cervices refused to sign the agreement on pickets of October 10 and November 10 and wrote that the applicants need to sign a contract with the district Executive Committee, because the Executive Committee was the owner of the stadium, where they have planned to hold the pickets.

Militia, according to the reply of Y. Tarasiuk, must first sign a contract with the organizers of mass events, and then they will discuss the details with the Executive Committee, as provided by the Decree 207 of the Council of Ministers.

Now, human rights defenders say, this answer is a safe-conduct when appealing for contracts, as the mentioned above services are divisions of the district Executive Committee.

Quoting spring96.org
Prepared by Ales LETA
Belarusian Legal Portal

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