2013 06/12

“International Law in Advocacy”

On December 3, friends and partners of Human Rights House Network directed the appeal to the President of Ukraine to listen the recommendations of the Ukrainian civil society, which in particular are:

– to bring in concrete measures to prevent police using force to disperse protesters;

– to execute an independent and transparent investigation of the illegal breaking up of a peaceful protest on November 29-30, 2013 and bring the perpetrators to justice;

– Remove all the charges from peaceful protesters and journalists, to release the detainees and to pay compensations;

– to ensure informing relatives of the injured and arrested protesters about their fate, to ensure protection from enforced disappearances, including investigation of 14 disappearances after demonstrators were dispersed on 29-30 November;

– to provide an opportunity for human rights organizations and journalists to observe peaceful assemblies and informing public about the use of violence by the police without the threat of retaliation.


Appeal of members HRHN (Eng)

According to legal mailout…

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