2013 01/12

On the Gedymin avenue in Vilnia

Before the second day of the Bў-ROOM in Vilnius on 29.11.2013 from 12.00 to 12.30 opposite the “Novotel” hotel on the Gedymin avenue Belarusian activists and environmentalists Tatsiana Novikava, Iryna Sukhiy, Mikola Ulasevich and others held a rally against the construction of nuclear power station in Belarus.

The police watched the peaceful assembly. Citizens stopped, took photos and talked to the participants of the picket.

The picketers moved to another place before the end of the action. They moved closer to the roadway, directly opposite the hotel. Police did not interfere this and just watched.

Aliaksei Lapitsky, who observed the event, said: “The event held by citizens of Belarus, participants of Bў-ROOM took place parallel to the summit of the Eastern Partnership member states. In this regard, not only the fact of this picketing is interesting, but the fact of its organization and a complete freedom of its realization in the heart of the city, where in connection with the international summit public safety requirements were strengthened”.

– This positive experience is very revealing and useful for Belarus, where the possibility of implementation of rights to freedom of peaceful assembly, expression and dissemination of information is absent in fact. It would be interesting to ask the organizers of the picket (Tatsiana Novikava and Iryna Sukhiy) what they did in order to hold this event. Wheather complicated (or vice versa light) was a procedure of coordination the issue with law enforcement organs and government officials?

“We can only note that in Lithuania there is a notification principle for a peaceful assembly. Therefore, for this kind of picketing it is enough to report about the event to the police department before the beginning of the event”, – said the human rights activist.

Quoting Radio Racyja
Prepared by Ales LETA
Belarusian Legal Portal

Photos: A. Łapicki


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