2013 08/09

Homel Executive Committee adopted a new decision on the order of public events in the city. Lawyer Leanid Sudalenka, who was many times refused by the local authorities to conduct peaceful assemblies, and who filed dozens of complaints to the Human Rights Committee of UN on violation of the right to peaceful assembly, calls the decision non-compliant even to the national law on mass events: “Basic Law on public events allows activity in any suitable for such purposes places, except of areas forbidden by the law. The same law obliges local officials with the duty to determine the forbidden places for mass events. The law simply prohibits activities in places, prohibited by a decision of local authorities”, – the legal expert is quoting the new decision.

“The officials from the Executive Committee determined two permanent places for public events in the town with population of half a million people, but they forgot to define places where mass events are not allowed to be organized! In fact, the authorities refused to obey the law. What to do if people want to organize a “may day meeting” in some other place? After all, the law allows activities in all suitable for such purposes places. Do citizens themselves should determine the suitability of the place?” – asks the lawyer.

Leanid Sudalenka notes that it is the responsibility of local officials to establish places where it is forbidden to hold public events, and it must come out directly from the basic law (Article 9). However, the local authorities made it different way – under the guise of increasing places for peaceful assemblies, they created in Homel two new “Bangalore Squares” where no one except dogs can be found, and refused to define areas in which meetings were prohibited.

“We will demand the city authorities to obey the law, then there would be no need for authorities to define such permanent meeting places as the place at the intersection of Barykina str. and Vaiskovaya str. Near the Central Stadium of Olympic reserve school on the outskirts of Novobelitsy district”, – summed up the human rights activist.

Quoting gomelspring.org,
Prepared by Ales LETA
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Photo: Aleś Łapicki (Lićviny-INFA)

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