2009 29/01

Алег Гулак

Aleh Hulak

The Presidential Administration is establishing a public advisory council on human rights and has invited representatives of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee (BHC) to join it, Aleh Hulak, leader of the human rights group, reported BelaPAN

Mr. Hulak said that he had been approached by a Presidential Administration official on January 22.

The Presidential Administration has not outlined the council’s functions so far, according to the rights activist.

“It is yet early to speak about what the council will do,” he said, adding that the BHC was unaware of its lineup.

“Nevertheless, we have given tentative consent to our representative becoming a member of this council. The BHC Rada, which is to hold a meeting this week, will decide on who will do this.”

Mr. Hulak described the establishment of the council as a “good idea.” “The BHC said in the past that it would use all opportunities to improve the human rights situation in Belarus. Of course, everything will depend on how this project will be implemented and what powers the advisory council on human rights will have,” he stressed. 

Presidential Administration officials were unavailable for comment on the matter on Monday morning.

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