2013 21/10

The woman prisoner with severe cancer disease almost died because of the indifference of Ukrainian judge. She was in need of urgent medical assistance that the prison authorities were not able to provide. The judge didn’t want to appoint such aid.

It should be noted that both the lawyer and the prison administration appealed to the judge Strukov (Chairman of the District Court in Poltava) with a request to transfer the woman to a specialized medical treatment facility.

But Strukov did not see the problem that the woman was diagnosed a malignant tumor. And the fact that she lost consciousness several times during the court session did not convince him. The disease was also accompanied by the increasing problems of the cardiovascular system. Doctors, lawyers and the prison authorities have insisted that the woman required surgical treatment, in other case she could die.

The representative of Themis did not react, and watched the sufferings of the woman during every session.

Only an urgent appeal to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), prepared by Oleg Levitsky, the head of the legal office of Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union, changed the situation.

In contrast to their Ukrainian colleague, ECHR ordered to transfer the woman to the hospital and to provide her proper care immediately. Today the order was performed, the patient finally got help and was hospitalized to a specialized medical institution.

According to Oleg Levitsky: “We can assume that only judge Strukov remained unhappy with this situation, because it became impossible for him to observe the sufferings of the woman”.

According to helsinki.org.ua,
Prepared by Ales LETA
Belarusian Legal Portal

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