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Harry Pahaniaila

His biography is a finished script for a blockbuster about the adventures of a self-made person in Soviet and post-Soviet times. Camp for the repressed, orphanage, factory, army, law school, court, Ministry of Justice, Bar Association, trials and eternal unequal battle against lawlessness and injustice. Here are advices from a lawyer and a well-known Belarusian human rights activist Harry Pahaniaila.

– When I was eight years old, those who were sneaking our secrets to the administration of orphanage were at night were locked in the bedside-table and thrown out from the second floor. So from the very beginning of my life I understood that you could not betray your friends. No matter how one can press you.

– I learned the principle of “treat hooligans as a hooligan”. I still think so. And if there is a conflict situation is that I may be hit, I would hit first. In short, when they beat you on the right cheek, then try to avoid the blow and hit in such a way that nobody would want to hit more.

– A man has to work on his body, go in for sports. He should not just wear meat on his bones, but every muscle has to be seen! Especially, while you are young.

Harry Pahaniaila, Miensk

Гары Паганяйла, Менск

– I was doing winter swimming for a long time, and now every morning, I take an ice shower. This is the easiest and most effective way to wake up and meet a new day.

– Learn to speak well, girls love it.

– I have been married for almost 40 years. The main thing in a marriage is not to cause grave offenses, to respect the dignity of a partner, which is close to you. But only when there is love. It all doesn’t make sense if there is no love.

– Try to master your future profession. Do not rush from side to side, you won’t achieve anything good this way. Focus on one thing and work, work, work.

– The best cure for the blues is the realization that you have done your job well.

– There is no situation that only the rights of opposition are violated, and the rights of all other citizens are respected. If the government is violating the rights of any group, it will also violate the rights of all the rest. The principle of “none of my business” does not work here.

– If the power is based on something other than law, it is not power, but a criminal gang.

– Sit down, understands everything, but keep quiet. That is how now most of the judges, prosecutors, investigators work. I doubt that they are happy. When a person goes to law school he or she doesn’t dream to administer justice by an order, not by law.

– We can suspect anyone, but that does not mean he’s guilty.

– The less information you first give to the investigation, the easier it will be to build your defense later.

– Remember that if you are asked questions, from which it follows that you are accused of something, you can not answer them. According to Article 27 of the Constitution, “no one can be compelled to give testimony against themselves, their family members, close relatives”. Try to take advantage of this and find a lawyer. Our system does not give you much reasons for optimism, you can easily be “eaten”…

– In Belarus, knowledge of the law is not a luxury for the elite. This is a must for anyone trying to do something. So instead of watching TV at least occasionally read the Penal Code and the Constitution.

– Dissimulation, apathy, indifference are the main problems of the modern Belarusian youth. People cave into the system faster than it begins to break them.

– I advise everyone to read something from the “Lives of great people”. Biographies of persons of whom, as it was said at the time of my youth, we can take an example. I decided to become a lawyer after reading books from this series.

– When I was 12 years old, I was in an orphanage in the Crimea. It was snowing that winter, which does not happen often there, and my friend and I went to the river to sled. The ice was fragile, and when we came down the hill, we got into the water under the ice. It was scary, but I realized that I had to turn 180 degrees and go to the ice-hole, which we have done ourselves. I survived. But my friend was died. the administration of the orphanage told me that he died not from the cold, but from a heart attack because of fear. What it the moral of this story? In any situation, you need to act right, fight your fear, and put yourself together. Every problem has a solution, one needs to fight. It is the only way to survive.

Harry Pahaniaila . Was born on October 14, 1943 at the station Plisetskaya of Arkhangelsk region. Place of birth – a camp for the repressed, where his mother was serving a 15-year prison sentence as the wife of an enemy of the people. The first 3 years of life he spent in the camp, the following 15 – in orphanages in different regions of the USSR. In the 1961-1962 he worked as a turner in Minsk, and then served 3 years in the army. After that, he worked as a lawyer, the people’s judge, head of law department of the Ministry of Justice, the head of the legal advice of the Soviet district of Minsk. He initiated the creation of the Union of Lawyers of Belarus. As a lawyer and human rights activist is involved in numerous well-known court cases. For example, the cases of the poet Slavamir Adamovich, ORT journalists Paval Sharamet and Zavadsky, former chairman of the National Bank of Tamara Vinnikova and others. In 1997, he became deputy chairman of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee (BHC). Since July 2007 is a chairman of the legal commission of the BHC. He is married and has a son, a daughter and four granddaughters. He is the master of sports in Greco-Roman wrestling.

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