2013 11/10

Siarzhuk Rusietsky, Biaroza

First time this year human rights activists were denied picketing in support of political prisoner Ales Bialiatski and other political prisoners on August 4. The document was signed by Yauhen Tarasiuk, the deputy chairman of the Executive Committee.

This time, Biaroza human rights defenders and social activists received a response from the Executive Committee signed by the deputy chairman Viktar Mikhniuk. The refusal had usual reasons: lack of the agreements with the militia, hospital and communal services according to the law of the Republic of Belarus of December 30, 1997, August 7, 2003 and the decree of the Executive Committee of February 9, 2003.

“But it’s unreal to come into agreements with these services, – said one of the organizers of the picketing Siarzhuk Rusetsky. – On September 25 the appeal for the picketings on October 10 – the World Day Against the Death Penalty and for November 10 in support of political prisoners have been filed in Biaroza district militia department, hospital and public utilities. On the same day the application for the picket on October 10 was registered”.

The militia told the applicants that according to the decree of the Cabinet Council of 2012 number # 207, the Executive Committee should have send them a copy of the registered application for the picketing (which Executive Committee haven’t done), and only then the militia can discuss its actions during the picheting with the District Executive Committee.

That is how the authorities treat the death penalty; they don’t want to make the issue public. It can be concluded that the ruling elite of Biaroza does not want to think about the fact that Belarus is the only European country where the death penalty is still not abolished.

Quoting spring96.org

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