2013 10/10

On October 10, the International Day Against the Death Penalty, Zhodzina human rights activists instead of the peaceful picketing near the City Park of Culture which was banned by the authorities, committed several other memorable actions of dissemination of information devoted to this important topic. Their activity was met with the interest and understanding among the citizens of the town.

In the train Minsk-Barysau human rights activists dressed in T-shirts with the words “No Death Penalty” has distributed about fifty special post cards “Do not extinguish life” among citizens of Smaliavichy, Zhodzina and Barysau to fill and send them to Alexander Lukashenka. Some of the people who were most interested and reacted to the problem, also received a DVD with the film “Lost on the verdict” from activists of Human Rights Centre “Viasna”.

On the same day in the evening the action continued in Zhodzina, in shops and some institutions. Staff and visitors also received informational materials and DVDs.

At the place of a planned picketing and the station “Zhodino – South” there were quite a lot of militia officers grouping by 2-3 people. Despite this, the militia did not interfere in the activity of the human rights defenders and didn’t cause any obstacles.

Let’s remind that on October 10, 2013 the 11th anniversary of the World Day Against the Death Penalty is commemorated. Throughout the world, civil society and public associations are mobilizing to remind the international community about the absurdity of the capital punishment and its cruelty.




Belarusian Legal Portal,

Photo by Ales Lapitsky

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