2013 27/09

From September 22 to 26 in Zhodino and other cities of the country as well as abroad, rallies in support of political prisoner and a prominent human rights activist, the head of the human rights center “Viasna” Ales Bialiatski were held.

Let’s remind that on September 25 Ales turned 51 years old, and this is the third birth day (including the jubilee 50th anniversary), which the human rights activist and writer has to “celebrate” behind the bars.

Zhodzina citizens signed congratulation cards, sent them from the main post office, informed the public with the special cards in various public places and talked about the current state of society and the future of the country.

Citizens are worried about the situation of civil bondage in which they have to exist today and which they have to face in their daily lives. It was obvious that many people (even including the police) were just poorly informed before conversations with human rights defenders, and some of them were just misinformed regarding existing binding of international standards for Belarus and the constitutional rights of citizens. For example, as for freedom of gatherings and information dissemination… Most likely the system of arbitrary interpretation and the interpretation of existing law, purposeful disinformation of employees at enterprises and institutions through the service instructions, as well as through the system of fraud in election campaigns are just put on the ideological and propaganda conveyor line by the today’s regime in Belarus.

Human rights activist from Zhodzina, Aliaksiey Lapitsky comments on the situation:

– Unfortunately, political convictions, as in the case of Ales Bialiatski, have become a norm in Belarus. The regime uses similar unlawful practices to intimidate dissidents and put pressure on political activists and concerned citizens of the country. Politically motivated violence and sanctioned “vertical” mockery is actually committed over the people. On stake of a stable and ruling … (not stable European development of Belarus and its genuine flowering ) here now generally accepted international standards of law, the rules of the Basic Law, the fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens, and at the same time – the prospects of the normal development of the modern Belarusian society are set. In this case, the right of choice for Belarusians have turned into some kind of unattainable and in practice a mock mirage.

“There is a state of artificially limited citizenship when citizens are deprived of elementary civil rights of choice and control over the government. Stronger gets the mechanism of repressions and suppression for the sake of promoting an imposed ideology of hostility for universal democratic values, for the sake of separation and full control over civil society and individuals, for realization of program of denationalization and post-Soviet revenge, for the restoration of unlimited domination power, repressive and ideological monopoly in the life of Belarusian society “, – noted the human rights activist.

He thinks that: “Those who understand the situation or begins to comprehend the perversity of such a policy and the fact that such actions concentrate authority and lead to the infamous Soviet stagnation, today must combine their efforts (spiritual, intellectual, creative, organizational, human rights oriented and others …) in the name of required for each of us and all Belarusian society changes.”

“Really, all examples of sacrificial suffering of civil society activists, politicians and human rights activists, including our colleague and friend, Ales Bialiatski who is being constantly mocked upon by authoritarian regime in Belarus urge us to it”, – summoned Aliaksiey Lapitsky.

In these days in Belarus and abroad various actions of congratulation and support of the imprisoned human rights activist Ales Bialiatski took place.

Ales Volny
Belarusian Legal Portal

Photo: Ales Lapitski

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