2013 19/09
Siarzhuk Rusetsky

Siarzhuk Rusetsky

In court of Biarozausky District human rights defenders failed to defend their rights to pickets. They asked to recognize the wrongful denial by Biarozausky Executive Committee of a demonstration of solidarity with political prisoners planned on Aug. 4, as well as violation by the District Executive Committee the deadlines established by law to respond to a request.

Human rights activist Siarzhuk Rusetsky comments:

– Court did not admit that the law was violated, it admitted that the denial answer to hold pickets was given behind schedule and explained it by the fact that the Executive Committee was waiting for the applicants (i.e. us) to enter into contracts with the communal services, and we did not conclude these contracts. As a result, the executive committee failed to meet deadlines.

Chairman of Biarozausky District Court Vadzim Mazol who led the process, as well as the assistant prosecutor Aksana Gardzeyuk, did not see anything improper in actions of the District Executive Committee and the refusal.

According to Rusetsky, human rights activists will appeal the decision at the highest levels, and after, and in the UN Committee on Human Rights.

By Anna Vasilevich,
Belarusian Radio Racyja

Prepared by Ales LETA
Belarusian Legal Portal

Photo: spring96.org

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