2013 20/09
Ales Bialiatsky
Ales Bialiatsky

Homel human rights activists have begun an action on birthday of Ales Bialiatsky, the sentenced head of the human rights center “Viasna”. During the campaign any concerned citizen can come to the office on Paleskaya street, 52 of the regional center and sign a birthday card for the political prisoner and human rights activist.

September 25 Ales turns 51 years old, he seems to mark it again in Bobruisk colony #2.
Human rights activist Anatol Poplauny, one of the organizers of the campaign says:
“Over the Internet, personal contacts, preparing a newsletter we plan to encourage those who care not to leave Ales Bialiatsky alone on his birthday within the stone walls of the prison. We offer to send greeting cards to the squad number 14 of Babruisk colony #2 at Sikorsky street, 1. We are going to tell the public about the details of the criminal case against him”.

“We call on all concerned not to leave Ales Bialiatsky all alone in prison. The person who was defending rights of others for 15 years, deserves warm words of support in such a difficult moment,” – said human rights activist Leanid Sudalenka, who was one of the first to sign a postcard to his colleague.

“Ales, it’s sad, that that’s the way it is, but if you look forward, the truth is ours. On your birthday I wish of only one thing: as soon as possible to be with us”
– such a greeting him was sent today to the Bobruisk penal colony.

Homel activists recall that during 15 years Ales Bialiatsky defended the rights of hundreds of people who have experienced persecution regime, he was financially helping their families and was hiring lawyers. Belarusian authorities considered help personal income of the defender. In 2011 Ales Bialiatsky was accused of tax evasion and sentenced to four and a half years of the colony.

Quoting gomelspring.org,
Prepared by Ales LETA
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Photo by Ales Lapitsky

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