2013 20/08

Barys Bukhel and Aliaksiey Kolchyn filed a statement to the Leninsky district court of Mahiliou. Through the court they want to declare invalid and annul the decision of the Mahiliou Executive Committee of December 19, 2007 № 25-19 “On Mass Events in the city of Mahiliou” as well as of June 16, 2010 № 15-12 «On Amendments to the Decision of December 19, 2007 № 25-19″.

Moreover, they want the court to declare illegal and annul the decision of the head of the Mahiliou Executive Committee Ihar Auseyenka, who rejected picketing on August 5, 2013.

Human rights activists also want a particular decision to be made about the Mahiliou City Executive Committee about the practice of signing official decisions on the applications of citizens to hold public events by improper officials, and to oblige the Mahiliou City Executive Committee to publish the judgments on the case after their coming into force in the next issue of the newspaper “Vesnik Mahiliova”.

Let’s remind that on July 19, 2013 Mahiliou human rights defenders Barys Bukhel and Aliaksey Kolchyn addressed the Chairman of the Mahiliou City Executive Committee for permission to hold a picketing on August 4 at the open area in front of house number 31 on Pershamaiskaya street opposite the main post office. The purpose of the picketing was claiming the release of Ales Bialiatsky and other political prisoners.

It should be added that on August 4 it was exactly two years since Ales Bialiatsky was condemned. He is currently serving his sentence in a penal colony number 2 in Bobruisk.

Quoting mahilyowspring.org

Prepared by Ales LETA

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