2013 12/08

On August 11 human rights defenders from Zhodzina sent their first postcards to Ales Bialiatsky and other political prisoners.

On August 11, in the afternoon at the main post office of Zhodzina citizens of the town could watch Aliaksey Lapitsky dressed in a black-and-white T-shirt with the inscription “Freedom for Ales Bialiatsky!” signing and posting numerous postcards with appeals to political prisoners.

Postcards sent were signed by different local civil activists and members of “Spring” in Zhodzina on August 3 during the discussion of the situation about the banned picketing of solidarity with Ales Bialiatsky and other political prisoners in Zhodzina. At that time, before the day of solidarity with political prisoners in Belarus, the situation resulted an urgent seek and preparation of alternative actions in terms of obstacles being made by the authorities in citizens’ realization of their inalienable constitutional rights and freedoms: the right to peaceful assembly, expression and public distribution of information.

Among the correspondence sent by registered mail (mostly to Ales Bialiatsky) there also was an appeal with support and congratulations on the occasion of the birth to Mikola Statkevich. It is noticeable that many Zhodzina citizens have a liking for this politician (former candidate for presidency in the 2010 elections), the current political prisoner, the only who did not sign a petition for pardon and still remains in prison and suffers for Belarus.

Zhodzina activists believe that this politician and the leader of “Spring”, a human rights activist Ales Bialiatsky, are similar in many ways. They are both uncompromising and adequately do their job, sincerely denounce their position to the public. And they are pursued (as well as the other political prisoners) by dictatorial regime in Belarus absolutely illegal, they are prisoners of conscience and must be released immediately, reinstated and fully rehabilitated …

Ales Leta

Licviny-INFA і Беларускае Радыё Рацыя

Photo by Ales Lapitsky

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