2012 27/05

In the middle of the last year, Ministry of Justice refused founders Siarhey Kaliakin, Valery Ukhnaliou, Victar Korniayenka and 91 members to register the public association “For Fair Elections.” The Supreme Court confirmed the findings of the registering body, thereby putting members of the association in the illegal situation.

In the appeal to the UN Committee on Human Rights Siarhey Kaliakin, together with the others claim of about the Belarus’s violation of their right to freedom of association, and pay attention that Belarus does not fulfill its international obligations in this area. The complaint also states that activities on behalf of unregistered associations in Belarus is a crime and is punishable under criminal law.

Now th Belarusian government will have to find an answer to the question why in the country there is no place for the established human rights NGO “For Fair Elections”.

Homiel lawyer and rights activist Leanid Sudalenka, who represents the interests of the applicants at the United Nations, believes that the complaint will show violation of article 22 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

– The Human Rights Committee has repeatedly issued decisions on the complaints of citizens of Belarus who have been denied their right to freedom of association. The existence and activities of associations, including those who are spreading ideas in a peaceful manner, but are not supported by the state, is crucial for any democratic society – reminds the human rights activist.

Previously, the authoritative international authority recognized the fact of violation of the rights of Belarusian citizens to freedom of association in cases of judicial liquidation of the NGO “Civil Initiative” (Homiel) and the NGO “Human Rights Center “Spring “, as well as the fact of refusal to register the NGO “Helsinki XXI “( Minsk, Belarus) and the NGO “Civil alternative” (Homiel).

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