2012 19/06
Барыс Звозскаў

Barys Zvozskau

In Minsk, friends, students, colleagues, relatives and friends paid last respects to a human rights activist Barys Zvozskau, who died after a long incurable desease, but until recently have been fighting both for his life and a better future for all of us, for free and lawful Belarus.

Civil funeral, held at the time of last respects to the deceased, was conducted from 13-00 to 15-00 by the human rights activist from Vitebsk, Paval Levinau.

Well-known people of Belarus came to pay last respects to Barys Zvozskau. Some of them came from Ukraine, Poland and from all over Belarus.

There were a lot of flowers, telegrams from well-known organizations, sincere and sympathetic speeches.

It became known from the speech of the President of HRH in Vilnius, Tatsiana Reviaka, that the leadership of the organization decided to name the Belarusian Human Rights House in exile (Vilnius) after Barys Zvozskau.

Paval Levinau

Ales LETA,
Belarusian Legal Portal,

Photo: Aliaksiey Lapitsky

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One thought on “Last respects to the Teacher and Friend… Barys Zvozskau will always be in our hearts!”

  1. Al says:

    Human rights activist of HRC “Viasna” from Zhodzina, Aliaksiey Lapitsky:

    – I remember Barys Zvozskau as a wonderful man, always purposeful, friendly and humble, honest and responsible professional, an expert of his job, completely devoted to it. He was a Teacher and a Friend, very intelligent and reliable. We could freely discuss different matters, sometimes disagree with each other, but always feel respect for the other’s opinion.

    The knowledge I gained during my studies were useful not once and really helped in the fight for my own rights, the rights and freedoms of civil society, for the right “to be called a Man in our own country”.

    The loss of Barys is the loss of yet another powerful fighter for free and lawful Belarus. But I believe that the work of our teacher and friend won’t disappear in vain. Companions, friends, students and supporters – is invincible army of fighters for our common legal aim, which cannot have another final except a full and unconditional victory.

    This truth which Barys was fighting for, the truth which lives in us, for which human rights activists are fighting here and now in Belarus – it is an objective truth which will come sooner or later. We need to learn from Boris imagination and inspiration in the struggle for better changes. We have to gather all our strong forces and do our job well.

    We will be together. And we will win!

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