2012 30/04

Mikalay Ulasievich

Public activist from Varniany Mikalay Ulasievich continues to seek legitimacy from the local authorities. The day before Mikalay along with another human rights activist from Astraviets Ivan Kruk sent a special ppeal to the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Belarus, and on April 28 Ulasievich visited the head of Astraviets militia.

The activist demanded to give him the documents on the fact of the search of April 26 at his home. On that day, Mikalay Ulasievich himself was at the “Charnobyl Shliakh” action in Minsk. Inspection of the house on the search of printed materials was performed in the presence of the activist’s wife. As a result, it is unknown what the representatives of militia and perhaps intelligence service have taken from the house.

The head of the district police showed Ulasievich only the order for domiciliary visit. It seemed like he really didn’t have other documents. In this situation, Mikalay Ulasievich wrote a complaint to the prosecutor of Astraviets district.

About the fact of the search Mikalay Ulasievich learned at “Charnobyl Shliakh” in Minsk and told about it during his speech from the podium before the participants of the final rally in the “Peoples’ Friendship” park (see video).

The activist is convinced that there were no legal grounds to conduct a search in his home, and such actions of the power structures are just a political persecution for his active work in the social initiative “Astraviets nuclear power station is a crime”.

Video – HERE

Quoting spring96.org
Prepared by Ales Leta,
Belarusian Legal Portal,

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