2008 11/11

Зміцер ЖалезьнічэнкаZmitser Zhaleznichenka, a former student of Homel State University, now soldier of transport forces in Zhlobin, has addressed the UN Human Rights Committee with a complaint.

He appeals against the fines and arrests for alleged ‘illegal business activities’, dirty swearing and insubordination to the police, as well as against his repeated expulsion from the third year of the mathematical faculty of Homel State University.

‘My lawyers helped me to compose a complaint to the UN Committee. We have gone through all instances, trying to get the justice restored, so that I would be rehabilitated at the university and all the absurd accusations in the use of four-letter words and provoking a conflict with the police, for which I was expelled for the second time. Despite the support of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee and the fact that I was rehabilitated at the university after the first expulsion, this time we received no support. Pitifully enough, we have no other way out. The UN Human Rights Committee is the only international structure that has influence in the Republic of Belarus and with the assistance of which one can receive at least moral victory,’ said Zmitser Zhaleznichenka.

While serving in the army, Zhaleznichenka is getting the monthly allowance of 22 000 rubles (about $10), but 9 000 rubles (or 40 %) are exacted from it for payment of two humiliating fines (for illegal business activities and insubordination to a policeman).

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