2009 26/01


In a recruiting agency a member of the Council of the “Moladz BNF” organisation Volha Ustsinovich was asked to cross out information about her good command of Belarusian from her CV.

“I have faced a situation which is rather typical concerning the recent events. The crisis, staff reduction, and I have become unemployed. It’s no picnic. But at least I was sure that it would be easy to find a new job soon. It seems that I have everything needed for it: a diploma of one of the most prestigious universities of the county, command of foreign languages, different courses and some experience. But one thing hasn’t been taken into account by me. I wrote in my résumé: “I have good command of Belarusian”.

“I saw an advertisement of one of the best recruiting agencies sin Minsk. I was good enough for them, and I sent my CV. In a few days I was invited for an interview by manager Svyatlana, a nice girl, undoubtedly a professional. Everything was going on in a professional way: the CV, interview, questions and answers… When the question about my Belarusian language was touched upon (I spoke Russian during the interview), Svyatlana was surprised. She didn’t understand why I had written about that, and offered to cross out that item.

The explanation is very simple. My knowledge and skills is a product, and only a product for which demand is high could be sold easily. And my Belarusian language is not needed by anyone, it may just give rise to unnecessary questions.

And then I found out even more surprising things. It turns out that CVs in Belarusian are mostly not read at all. What for?” Volha Ustsinovich wonders.

The young activist hasn’t agreed to cross out the information about Belarusian.


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