2009 26/01
Vladimir Vysotski

Vladimir Vysotski

Vitsebsk authorities have banned a picket in commemoration of an iconic Soviet actor and singer-songwriter Vladimir Vysotski, for which a representative of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee of Vitsebsk region Pavel Lyavinau applied.

Pavel Lyavinau planned to stage the picket on January 25, on Vladimir Vysotski’s birthday. He intended to stand near the regional library and hand out leaflets with quotes from the songs of the famous Russian author, as he finds his poetry with social content being of interest in the context of today’s Belarus, Radio Svaboda informs.

However, the deputy chairman of the city executive committee Pavel Losich banned the picket, emphasizing that a different place of the rally should have been indicated in the application. It should have been not a library in the centre of the city, but Mazurina park outside the city, where public and oppositional activists are always offered to gather by the authorities, and which is absolutely deserted in winter.

Thus, over the two recent months, the authorities have banned the third rally of the Vitsebsk-based human rights activist. As said by Pavel Lyavinau, earlier he was refused to hold a rally on International Human Rights Day on December 10 and was prohibited to congratulate passers-by on Christmas.

Source: www.charter97.org

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