2012 09/03

Distribution of these materials in Homiel was stopped by the riot militia

In Homiel a member of anti-alcohol campaign “Don’t drink –let’s live” Vasil Takarenka was arrested. He was arrested by riot militia near the store “Homiel”. The activist was taken to the militia department of the Central District.

Seven activists were handing out leaflets with information about the danger of alcohol abuse to people passing by. Militia has broken the action in the very beginning. The participant of the action Andrus Tsianiuta said that the militia officers behaved themselves rudely and interfered in taking pictures. As a result, the militia officers rewrote passport data of all the members of the initiative “Don’t drink – let’s live”. And one of them, Vasil Takarenka, was taken to a militia district directorate.

At the district Department of the Interior of the Central District of Homiel a protocol was drawn up on Vasil Takarenka under Article 17.1 of the Administrative Code – obscene language in a public place. The activist refused to sign the protocol because it was written in Russian language. Incidentally, this was not the first time militia officers impeded the anti-alcohol campaign. On February 23, riot militia arrested the distributors of leaflets Kastus Zhukousky, AndreyPapou, and Zmitser Karashkou.

In this regard, again this brings up numerous legal questions, including those raised in previous publications: “Standards and justice of law, or … Who is “friend-or-foe”? “, “Militia doesn’t touch … friends!?” with a video material from AlVistud), as well as in reasoning of the expert Aleh Aheeu “What if the court considered the case under the law?” about such-kind detentions followed by a completely illegal practice, which now, alas, happen in our country.

Detentions at the department store "Homiel"

Detentions at the department store "Homiel"

Video is HERE

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