2012 13/02

Or why, in the 21st century Belarusian militia have completely forgotten about telecommunication service?

It’s just a mockery!

This is the name of the video clip from Zhodzina in which we can see all the cynicism and stupidity of the system.

On the phone a militia officer is answering with learned phrases, as if reading from a piece of paper the answers to the questions of human rights defender; a set of rules in which the main thing is to keep the a maximum secrecy and inaccessibility of truthful information … – and it all is done by to the most important rule of a policeman – by the order.

And this is a real mockery! It is a mockery of the rights and the law, which is carried out by all the rules of the penal institution?! Mockery of the family and relatives of political prisoners! They also, like all the convicted by one and the same order, are boldly, cynically and systematically punished by the repressive system of the GULAG, which is working “at full blast” in Belarus.

On the eve of the event no one, even family members of Ales Bialiatsky, was given information about his stay in prison № 8 of Zhodzina or transfer to another place of detention. To find out where her husband was (who after the last decision of the court was to be convoyed from Zhodzina on February 13 in the morning) Natallia Pinchuk, the wife of the convicted human rights activist, had to go to Zhodzina jail from Minsk.

Maryna Adamovich, the wife of political prisoner Mikola Statkievich, helped Natallia with solidarity actions and transport. Previously, human rights activist Aliaksiey Lapitsky was trying to get additional information.

Fragments of the phone call record of February 12 with the captain Hradovich from Zhodzina militia department were used in the material.

Just look – and see …

And draw conclusions.

Video from the event can be seen here

Prepared by Ales Volny,
Belarusian Legal Portal,

Photo: Ales` (Lic’viny-INFA)
Video: AIVistud

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