2012 25/02

Who is “our” and who – “stranger”?

February 23 antyalkagolnuyu activists were detained by police in 1230 about a department store “Homel”.

Young people are distributed among the passers-by leaflets with the slogan “Stop drinking – during a family to feed and protect the country” and congratulations on the Day of Defender of the Fatherland. Suddenly, the organizers of the campaign came up and offered special forces to go with them.

Against drunkenness? – Detain them! …

The activists were taken to the central police station, where the leaflets were taken and interviewed.

On the way to the police station Castus’ Zhukouski via the mobile phone has expressed outrage detention:

“Leaflets are handed out mobile operators, perfume company, and various official organizations. They were not detained. We seek to halt the spread of drunkenness in the community – and we grabbed. Apparently, the authorities are afraid that if people stop drinking, you will think: “How do we live?” Another explanation of such “mass arrests” and you will not find.”

After keeping in the department about two and a half hours, the coalition of activists, “Our alternative” Castus’ Zhukouski, Andrei Pаpou, and Dzmitry Kareshkou released from the Central district police department of Homel. Meanwhile, they took the anti-alcohol pamphlets, about 430 copies, to check for compliance with the law. All copes (!?) of information materials pass examination, which determines, or in accordance with the laws they were printed, and they can not contain extremism, or anything illegal.


But drinking and antisocial subjects … – Do not touch!? (Video)

Suffice eloquent example, watch the video operator in the evening Minsk, where the Academy of Management under the President of the Republic of Belarus in the police themselves “under the nose” did not notice the obvious violators of public order … (The article “The police will not touch … HIS!? and video from AlVistud )


Quoting gomelspring.org and licviny.info,
Prepared by Ales Volny,
Belarusian Legal Portal,

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