2012 18/02
Сяргей Каваленка, Віцебск

Siarhey Kavalenka, Vitsebsk

On February 14 the Human Rights Centre “Viasna” published the appeal to Siarhey Kavalenka (see below), who has gone on hunger strike in Vitsebsk prison long time ago. A citizen of Belarus, he has been prosecuted not for criminal acts, but for his own beliefs and sincere love for the motherland. And now he is in critical condition and can loose his life.

He faced such sufferings, risky to health and his life, for the sake of changing the situation and to achieve justice. But …

Dear Siarhey!

We are following your principle act of hunger strike with a great concern and the fact of how you defend your beliefs, your active citizenship behind the bars. We call you to stop the hunger strike as soon as possible because today the authorities respect neither your beliefs nor your life. We believe your persecution to be political, and we call you to keep your health for your family, wife, children, and for Belarus and its future.

If the judgment of the court on February 21 will be a deprivation of liberty, we will fight for your liberation, as well as for the release of each of the political prisoners. On the head of this government there are many crimes, but it’s not the reason to sacrifice yourself such a way.

You have already proven your courage, integrity and strength, so we really would like you to listen to our request to stop the hunger strike.

Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Quoting licviny.info and spring96.org,
Prepared by Ales Volny,
Belarusian Legal Portal,

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