2012 18/02

Vladislav Kovalev

Liubou Kavaliova, mother of sentenced to death penalty Vladislau Kovaliou received a response from the Presidential Administration.

The response states that with regard to its treatment of non-compliance of the Executive Penal Code, the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus and the Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, we need a comprehensive legal analysis, with the participation of competent authorities.

Lawyer and human rights activist Rаman Kislyak considers such an interim response to the falling of hope:

– We, human rights activists hope that the matter would be investigated. Measures will be taken to remedy these deficiencies in our legislation. They are related to the fact that the sentence of death, which appealed to international organizations for protection of their rights, must wait for the final review of their applications. The sentence should not be enforced until his complaint will not be considered on its merits.

Liubou Kavaliova appealed to the various organs, including the Presidential Administration, who have the right to appeal to the Constitutional Court to make conclusions. Kаvaliou asked these agencies to submit proposals to the Constitutional Court to impose a Penal Code articles on suspension the death penalty in connection with the appeal of the convicted person to death in the Human Rights Committee.

Hanna Vasilevich

Quoting to Radyjo Racyja,
Prepared byAles` LETA,
Belarusian Legal Portal,

Photo: Nasha Niva

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