2012 17/02
Вольга Дамаскіна, Наваполацак

Mrs. Volha Damaskina, Navapolatsak

On 16 February, Navapolatsak KGB and police searched the private residence of local pro-democratic activist Mrs. Volha Damaskina, seizing a PC, a laptop and several CDs and DVDs. The raid reportedly dealt with a criminal case under Art. 341 of the Criminal Code opened against the activist’s son Dzmitry Ryzhychenka in April 2010.

Mr. Ryzhychenka is suspected of inscribing a number of “opposition” slogans back in 2008. Dzmitry Ryzhychenka says he has been repeatedly harassed by the KGB, who attempted to recruit him and report on his and his mother’s civil activities. A few days ago, the youth was reportedly threatened with expulsion from Navapolatsak Polytechnic College.

According to Dzmitry Ryzhychenka, he may be expelled in the near future.

Source: spring96.org

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