2012 05/02
Раман Васільеў, Жодзіна

Raman Vasilyeu, Zhodzina

Day and night. Light and darkness. Steps into nothing – into the abyss of betrayal and violence. Betrayal of yourself and people, your country. Violence over human dignity and fundamental civil right.

Mockery of one’s own conscience, of innocent people – is nothing like torture over his or her own future. And everything for a better piece of … the “dirty pie” of ruling power!?

Is this what we have expected? Was this our dream for centuries? Was it what our ancestors fought for giving their lives for their motherland and simply called themselves Litvins?

The modern industrial town Zhodzina. Post-soviet and once again “post-elections Belarus” of the repressive 11th and early 12th – in the XXI century …

But the GULAG system is operating here very well: continuously and tirelessly works the mechanism of repressions and persecutions of dissents… the so-called “fifth column” – today’s “enemies” of people where the “people” are associated by everyone with the “only person” in the country…

All sorts of “right” ideologues, teachers, cops and judges are trying to beat down people, especially active and honest ones…

At the same time, they are thrusted upon the entirely different understanding of law and justice. Through fear of losing their jobs, being arrested and tortured people are being literally filled with slave humiliation and obedience before the current system – people are being deprived of the elementary right for free and informed choice.

The constitutional provisions do not operate for a long time, and the assigned “house” is hammering out new laws, offensive to human dignity and the essence of the right. Special services, militia and courts do “dirty work”. In practice they are not using constitutional or international legal standards and rules for their “secure facilities”. Day after day, they relentlessly widen and strengthen the cynical doctrine of the total control and general management –of information, ideas … – crowd and electorate behavior.

Затрыманьне Рамана Васільева, Жодзіна (лета 2011)

Detention of Raman Vasilyeu, Zhodzina (summer 2011)

Thus, the “GULAG machine” – do not stop its operation here, it is working tirelessly, taking the best hope for the future of a free country, free and democratic European Belarus.

Indeed, the new recent amendments to the Law “On mass events” are a vivid example that the government has finally decided to convert our country into a single “RESTRICTED AREA”.

Yes, it is considered “totally legal” here to punish people for nothing, just by the order, for a silent inaction which has at least some signs of protest!

It was the last year in the summer, when this “car of violence” broke and strangled protests in society by violating everything that it could, by framing up administrative and criminal cases, running an established mechanism for perjury and repressive sentences…

Do not meet more than three! Yes, and this quantitative border is not defining at all. They may detain a pair of lovers, a family or just one oppositionist, who has the courage to go to fresh air and not to hide his or her opinions and beliefs “in the kitchen!”

That is a “local standard of law” which rules the actions of authorities – militia and Belarusian courts “the most independent and fair in the world” who were bribed by another budget uplift to their allowance and better posts of office officials…

Meanwhile, the Basic Law, the constitutional right to freedom of peaceful assembly, in our conditions, in particular was put the lid on or put paid to…

But have all “i”s been dotted…?

The time will show!

Time and People!

Citizens who must finally express their will and to speak out!

In fact every now realizes more than ever that without a return to the constitutional field, with no return of human rights and freedoms guaranteed by the state and accepted in international standards to the citizens, without any real control over the election and government officials, the normal co-operation with the civilized world, and the corresponding change for the better … – the country would become a real chaos and darkness. And we and our children will not have any worthy future in a free democratic and really prosperous Belarus.

Videos in application from Alvistud:

On last year’s arrest of a young man from Zhodzina, cold bunks, “fair judges” and “fair militia officers” from a “right Belarusian system” – can be found here: “… Steps into nothing, or the way to the abyss!”

In the second photo left – Petrushenya (police officer), the right of the Roman – Nazarau (police officer), wearing a white shirt – Officer DAEC Murausky … (see video evidence in court with his testimony)

Ales Volny,
Belarusian Legal Portal,

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