2012 09/01
Сяргей Каваленка, Віцебск

Siarhey Kavalenka, Vitebsk

Siarhey Kavalenka, who was recognized a political prisoner by the human rights activists of Vitsebsk, filed the complaint to the UN Committee on Human Rights on the eve of imprisonment in Vitebsk detention centre number 2. This way the activist is trying to protect his rights and make Belarusian authorities to abolish his sentence for hanging a white-red-white flag on the Christmas tree in the center of Vitebsk two years ago.

Let’s recall that on January 7, 2010, on the Christmas day according to Eastern tradition, Siarhey Kavalenka climbed the Christmas tree, which stood in Victory Square in Vitsebsk, and placed a national historical flag on top of it. The activist said that this way he expressed his political opinion and publicly demonstrated his political beliefs.

Siarhei Kavalenka considers unfair the sentence pronounced to him – three years of custody without sending to prison, as well as penal fee as compensation for moral harm to militia officers and property damage to enterprises “Vitsebskharsviatlo” and “Vitsebskzelenbud”. He addressed Human Rights Committee after his failure to use all legal means in the country – unsuccessful attempts to falsify the judgment of Vitebsk Kastrychnitsky district court in Vitebsk regional court and the Supreme Court of the Republic of Belarus.

Quoting Vitsebsk Viasna,
Prepared by Ales LETA,
Belarusian Legal Portal,

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