2011 25/12

On December 24 in his 83rd year of life, Viktor Bialiatsky, father of the imprisoned human rights defender Ales Belyatsky passed away.

In recent time, when the health of Viktor Bialiatsky has worsened significantly, relatives made their every effort to get permission for a meeting of father and son, so that they could say goodbye to each other in the father’s lifetime. However, this meeting has never happened.

Will now Ales be able to pay last respect to his father?

Human rights activist Valiantsin Stefanovich considers it unlikely that Ales Bialiatsky will be released on his father’s funeral. Quoting Stefanovich, “There’s a vicious circle there: everybody attributes to others. And no one comes to a decision”.

“And people just humanly made such a request and this is how the system reacts to such appeals. The Pershamaysky district Court executed the permission to a visit, but this decision was not accomplished. For unknown people were responsible for ensuring escorting, escort and transportation. We went to all institutions: to the Interior Ministry, to Minsk executive committee, to escort service of Minsk executive committee and FPPD. They accepted appeals, but no one came to any decision. Or they simply refused. In FPPD they said that the meeting is provided to persons detained in prison in specially equipped rooms in the detention center, the other is not provided. The first decision of the court laid the responsibility for escorting and transportation upon the administration of prison #8. We went to this prison and spoke to the prison authorities. In the prison they said they did not have such services and they themselves do not provide any escort or transportation. They said all this is done by the services of Minsk executive committee. This is how we poked between the establishments for a few days and did not achieve anything. Relatives just had a human request”.

Natalya Pinchuk, Bialaitsky’s wife, was trying to get to the Ministry of Internal Affairs today, but the ministry did not accept her and sent to the Department of Corrections.


Natalya Pinchuk

In FPPD, Natalya left the application for permission to Ales to pay last respects to his father.

“But they say that the most likely the answer will be “no”, because there is no law to implement it. Again, they refer to the Pershamaysky district court, which is supervising Ales Bialiatsky now. The court is closed today, and no one can get in there. Thus, the situation is hopeless. Orally I was told that there will be a failure. Of course, I’ll try to go to court on Monday when there will be no funeral. But taking into account my previous visits, and the relation of judges to the issue, I can’t hope for anything”.

According to Natalya, the funeral of Victor Bialiatsky will take place in a cemetery in Svetlahorsk, where mother of Ales Bialiatsky was buried.

Colleagues and friends as well as relatives of Ales Bialiatsky express their condolences to the political prisoner about the death of his father.

Ales Dashchynsky

Quoting gomelspring.org

Prepared by Ales LETA,

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