2009 07/01

parlam_belarusWe have received a curious document – letters by Mr.Viniarski to the Constitutional Court and the Parliament of Belarus, dealing with the issue that first emerged during the trial when the accused was not allowed to use legal assistance from a human rights activist, which is an outrage against the constitutional right to defend.

As a result the victim addressed the Constitutional Court, which formally admitted the violation and recommended lodging a claim with the Parliament of Belarus – a body possessing relevant competence to attend to similar issues since summer 2007.

However, the Parliament’s reply (see attached files) only mentioned the consideration of the issue was ‘still under way’…

The Constitutional Court and the Parliament having admitted the existence of the problem and realized the contradiction between the provisions of the existing legislation and the organic law of the country, the rights of Belarusian citizens are still being violated.

It is obvious that their rights are neglected knowingly and purposefully by the president, whose pre-election priorities included the rights of individuals.

Still, deeds speak louder than words, and human rights activists expect positive moves from the government to stop the shameful practice of disrespect towards fundamental rights and freedoms.


1) Address to the Parliament

2) Reply by the Parliament

Ales Leta,


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