2011 15/12

Uladzimir Lemesh, Salihorsk

Salihorsk activist of “European Belarus” Uladzimir Lemesh received a message from the UN Committee on Human Rights concerning the situation with his case.

Let’s remind you, that on November 27, 2009 the young man was just kidnapped by militia officers right in the center of Minsk. The activist was handcuffed, pulled his hat on the face and taken 30 kilometers away from the city. In his efforts to discover the names and punish those state representatives involved in the abduction, Uladzimir Lemesh reached the United Nations Committee on Human Rights.

Previously, he was appealing with the relevant complaints to the prosecutor of Minsk Soviet district, to the national courts of the first and second instances, but he could not find justice there.

The complaint of the young activist was accepted by the UN Committee on Human Rights and taken for examination.

In September 2011 the UN Committee received explanations of the Belarusian state on the given case and sent them to Uladzimir Lemesh for his comments. According to the test procedure on the complaint, the contents of the correspondence with the Committee can not be made public. However, we know that up to December 26, 2011 the young activist should send his comments to Geneva, after which the Committee will make its final decision on the merits – whether human rights in this case were violated.

During the time the State was given to explanations it could restore the violated human rights or liquidate the consequences of these violations. According to Uladzimir Lemesh, during this period, the state has not done any steps forward.

Quoting spring96.org,
Prepared by Ales LETA,
Belarusian Legal Portal,


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