2011 15/12

Brest citizen Tatsiana Yachnik received a message from the UN Committee on Human Rights, which stated that her complaint about pension not being assessed on Soviet passport was accepted.

Committee representatives have already appealed to the Republic of Belarus for the comments on the case of Mrs. Yachnik. In its comments the Republic of Belarus expressed the opinion that the complaint of Tatsiana Yachnik should be declared inadmissible because the woman did not appeal the decision on the case in the Prosecutor’s Office of Belarus. However, the Committee considered that the appeal to the prosecutor’s was not an effective defense mean at national level.

According to human rights lawyer Uladzimir Maley, Yachnik’s complaint about the violation of her right to social security, freedom of religion, and also discrimination will be considered by the Committee.

Tatsiana Yachnik rejected the new Belarusian passport with an identification number because of religious reasons, and as a result she was denied retirement pension payment with the old passport. She has not been receiving her retirement pension for four years already. The woman appealed to all courts in Belarus, where she was denied pension. After that T. Yachnik appealed to the UN Committee.
About 500 people in Belarus are in a such-like situation.

Quoting spring96.org,
Prepared by Ales LETA,
Belarusian Legal Portal,

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