2011 17/10

The session of Salihorsk town organization of the public association “Association of Belarusian language n.a. Frantsishak Skaryna” was held last week in the miner’s capital. During the meeting a new governing body of the organization was elected, the main development directions were chosen and two representatives were delegated to the meeting of ABL in Minsk.

Mikalay Sharavar was chosen a new head of the organization after Vital Dzinhileusky. Quoting the ex-head of the organization, the work of Salihorsk ABL in fact has been paralyzed in the recent years. The main reason for this was the loss of the local office. It became impossible for the members of the organization to remain in the premises after the President’s Regulation #533 came to power, which abolished reducing factors to rental rate for the majority of public organizations.

Commenting his new post, Mikalay Sharavar noted that he will not only favour the spread of Belarusian language in all spheres of life in Salihorsk region, but he will also fight for language rights of Belarusian-speaking citizens of Salihorsk land. The head of Salihorsk ABL asked everybody to subscribe to “Nasha Slova” newspaper and join the association actively.

Quoting spring96.org,
Prepared by Ales LETA,
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