2011 21/11

Former lieutenant-colonel of Salihorsk financial police Viktar Malochka keeps fighting for the rehabilitation of his rights, reportedly violated by two arbitrary detentions during so called “silent protests” on 15 and 22 June.

The detentions were appealed at local police and prosecuting departments, who evaded providing legal assessment to the incidents. Mr. Malochka also lodged a suit with Salihorsk District Court, demanding financial compensation of the moral damage committed by the town police. However, the lawsuit was dismissed on 9 September.

Meanwhile, Viktar Malochka says he managed to collect evidence of false witness by policemen involved in his detentions. In particular, local police official Heorhi Kryvaltsevich provided contradictory information while testifying at the trial and at the local prosecutor’s office, which was registered at a number of judicial and prosecuting papers.

Considering this, on 8 November Mr. Malochka addressed Minsk Regional Prosecutor’s Office with a statement, urging the officials to investigate the illegal detentions of June 2011, with due respect to his reports on false witness by Salihorsk policemen.

Source: spring96.org

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