2011 14/11
Васіль Палякоў, Гомель

Vasil Paliakou, Homel

In the evening of November 13 the chairman of the Homiel region UCP Vasil Paliakou was released from detention centre. On the same day he stopped a protest hunger strike, which lasted 5 days.

Let’s remind that Vasil Paliakou was arrested by law enforcement agencies in the evening of November 8. The trial over Vasil was organized the next day in the Soviet district court of Homiel. The activist was accused of breaking the law “On mass events” when preparing for the People’s Assembly, scheduled for Nov. 12. The judge Kupratsevich awarded Paliakou 5 days of administrative arrest.

Since then, Vasil Paliakou went on a hunger strike.

“I ate nothing, refused to take food, tea and juice, – said the politician to ucpb.org. portal – They brought me a piece of paper and asked to write why I was going hungry. So I wrote an official statement that I went hunger strike because I wasn’t agree with the decision of the court and my detention.

When in the detention center, I also write the complaint by hand to the regional court, where I have stated that I have been arrested for a violation of the law on mass events but we have been preparing the assembly in accordance with the law on the republican and local meetings. In addition, the judge dismissed the application for a representative during the trial and the request about the court to summon the witnesses and a printout of calls to be filed to the case. I sent the complaint from the detention center for personal means. ”

Vasil Paliakou described the conditions in the detention centre as satisfactory. According to him, there were no attempts to humiliate him deliberately.

“If there were some negative aspects, they were likely to be connected with the common practice – they treat everybody the same – said the politician. – In the morning and evening there were checking during which they constantly scattered our beds. I wrote a complaint twice – There are no actual beds, and everything is on the floor: mattresses and bed linen. There is a steady light there – day and night. Lighting is poor – even in the day time you have to strain eyes to read …»

Vasil Paliakou was released on 13 November. But first, in spite of the protest, from the detention centre he was taken to the Soviet district department of internal affairs of Homiel, where he was orally issued an official warning that in future he mustn’t violate the Code of Administrative Violations. Only after that, at the walls of militia office Homiel activists were able to meet their leader.

“Despite the pressure, the People’s Assemblies in Homiel region will continue – concluded Vasil Paliakou. – In the coming days we will organize the steering committee and define the strategy of our further actions”.

Quoting ucpb.org,
Prepared by Ales LETA,
Belarusian Legal Portal,

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