2011 02/11

Ales Bialiatsky, Мiеnsk

Today, on November 2, Mahiliou activists of the campaign “Havary Praudu!” reminded the citizens about human rights defenders Ales Bialiatsky, who was prosecuted by the authorities for political reasons. (further-orthography of the primary source)

On this occasion they held an action and distributed leaflets. The action took place on Mir ave.and around 1,000 leaflets was handed out. The contents of which were as follows:

«Not only officials bear the responsibility for political prisoners. Indifference to the fate of democracy, human rights defenders, journalists and politicians – is indifference to the future of our country. Ales Belyatsky is a human rights activist, who suffered for his activity. Don’t be indifferent! ”

One of the participants of the action Andrew Dvihun noted that not all of Mahiliou citizens know about political prisoners.

“People need to be explained who political prisoners are and what they are persecuted for. It is very difficult to talk to older people – they sometimes try to quarrel and to prove that everything is fine in our country. Those people are chronic optimists and romantics – they blindly believe what they are told and shown on TV. But they receive a leaflet in hand and begin to hesitate. Not all of course, because it is very difficult to break through the propaganda barrier, “- says Andrey Dvihun.

“Nevertheless, we are working on it. I hope that after this action there will be less indifferent people”- continues Andrey.

Let’s remind you that the well-known Belarusian human rights activist Ales Bialiatsky was accused of tax evasion on a especially large scale. He faces up to seven years in prison. During the investigation, he was placed in jail. Over 1,000 petitions to release the well-known human rights activist were not taken into account. Today in Minsk the trial started over him.

Quoting “Mahiliou Viasna”,
Prepared by Ales LETA,
Belarusian Legal portal,

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