2011 02/11

On 3 November civil activist Ryhor Hryk filed with the Baranavichy City Court an appeal against the picket ban issued by the Baranavichy City Executive Committee. The activist intended to hold a picket against the rapid growth of prices and the pauperization of the population on 5 October. As it was stated in the CEC refusal, the slogans that were stated in the picket application didn’t correspond to the aims and notions, adopted in Article 2 of the Law “On Mass Events”.

Ryhor Hryk asks the court to:

1) find the picket ban, issued by the Baranavichy City Executive Committee, unlawful and violating his constitutional rights;

2) oblige the executive committee to ensure his right to hold a picket with the specified aims;

3) exact the court fee (35,000 rubles) from the Baranavichy City Executive Committee.

Source: spring96.org

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