2011 17/08
Мікіта Ліхавід, палітвязень

Nikita Likhavid

As it became known citizens’ picketing in support of political prisoner Nikita Likhavid were banned not only by Borisov district executive committee. Unmotivated refusals of picketing were also signed by vice-chairmen of Lahoysky district and Zhodzina town executive committies – G. Drahunau and Y. Shary.

As we see local authorities restricted citizens’ rights to peaceful assembly completely. At the same time, officials did not even feel the need to propose measures which could help them guarantee fulfillment of their duties – implementation of the constitutional rights of the applicants. In written responses there were no proposals, for example, to choose another time, place or date for the event.

Thus, the picketing in support of political prisoner Nikita Likhavid, the member of the movement “For Freedom” was forbidden on formal or ideologically-nomenclature and political grounds.
It is very simple to comment on this standard situation. After all, all pro-government structures in Belarus work outside justice and also the law “On mass events”. Any alternative community-based initiatives … are forbidden or suppressed by force of administrative and commanding-nomenclature terror.

It’s no secret that more than 16 years Belarus has been ruled by members of one and the same authoritarian political structures, the ruling party, headed by chief ideologist and the eternal nomenclature authority. This completely corrupted “criminal hierarchy” every year holds electoral farce (the so-called elections), in which covered by the crowd of the deceived electorate (the people) it distributes power chairs and places its figures, provides virtually eternal, invariably exclusive control, preservation of usurped power in the country of anti-Belarusian and anti-national regime.

The Fundamental Law is defied roughly, and the constitutional order is altogether unreasonably identified with the established way of authoritarian control and the system of ruling political regime that protects its exclusivity and lack of alternatives in full completely controlled force (once public, but in fact system-obeying), regime institutions, which are not guided by rules and laws in their actions, but nomenclature and command discipline, the order (even obviously illegal or criminal) and the official subordination (as in the army).

Against whom is this army fighting …?!

In the situation where the right to free informed choice is replaced by the obligatory participation in planned and written down without a hitch, a multi-day “election show” from one and the same conductor, the entire system follows closely for not a single non-approved candidate is leaked through the ideological screen and immediately put ahead of the “party nomenclature”. Moreover, “city election headquarters” work as military units in the executive committees to be directly subordinated to all subjects of the state … All infrastructures are mobilized to ensure that none of “the enemy would pass”.

And the enemy in this situation are citizens, activists, civil society, the people, because they look to the Constitution and naively seek the possibility to use their right “to be called people” in the unique motherland given to them by God. They do not understand that they have been deceived by rogues from the old post-communist and new collective farm “aristocracy.”

After selling their professional officer’s conscience, people in uniform armed with self-deception (which makes it easier to survive) that they do protect not the boorish political regime (which, in democratic and constitutional conditions must change), but the only inviolable constitutional order – they (military men) become blind performers of the will ruler-the dictator and make a real tyranny almost real and dangerously disseminated in the country.

And for the servants of the ruling regime in the country, which are made from fear of losing power and influential preferences circles the enemy is an ordinary normal person, citizen, who comprehended its civil status, constitutional rights and freedoms, moreover who likes Belarus, wishes it a long and independent prosperous life, wants to build and improve his or her home state, and to achieve it freely associates with like-minded, has a belief, expressed his or her views and ideas among friends, requires officials to perform their duties and rights guaranteed by the Fundamental Law … – who ultimately creates an effective alternative power, and represents a democratic future devoid of the dictates and humiliation of the independent European Belarus.

Everyone else who enters the nomenclature clan, who is terrified from birth and certainly serves it or always mindlessly support people in power… – they are a support, human resource and personnel foundation of the operating dictatorship. Fear and cowards guided by fear, careerists and opportunists of all stripes … are the basis of violence against peaceful society and crimes against the people of Belarus.

Thus, civil society activists, even jailed, citizens who support them and are willing to fight for their freedom, “for the right to be called people” – are the danger to the person who stole not one election victory from the people of Belarus and usurped power in the country of the local regime.

Therefore, the Fundamental Law and legislation do not work in virtually one-party authoritarian ruling and, in practice, realized tyranny. The rights of citizens are considered through the prism of ideological expediency and are fully neglected…

The role of the nation and the citizen is completely undervalued. It is distorted absolutely cynically. Public institutions do not work. Elementary social and political rights, free enterprise and civic activity are strictly and categorically prohibited or totally suppressed…

DIAGNOSIS – a totalitarian ideological dictate and convulsive-paranoid hysteria and the fear of losing and trying all means to keep the stolen … from the society and his people.

Similar bans of peaceful initiatives of citizens are just additional proof of the reasons and conclusions stated above.

However, further, for this “creativity” of specific pro-government nomenclaturists “has not disappeared in vain” for their names remained in the history of their cities … – activist applicants (as reported here) will fight against these non-motivated bans of their civil rights and liberties.

So, Drahunova and Shary, as well as Miranovich, the Chairman of the Borisov executive committee, will still have to answer about the alternatives to the banned actions.
Minsk regional organization of the Movement “For Freedom” prepared written requests.

Quoting Licviny-INFA,
Prepared by Ales Volny,
Belarusian Legal portal,

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